Sibas Heavy Duty Connector

Heavy duty connector manufactured by SIBAS strive to provide the highest level of customer service in SIBAS Industry. SIBAS as a leading, innovative, global player in Interconnection and Interface Technologies SIBAS are constantly in touch with our customers in an effort to provide them with the best solutions for their application requirements.

Heavy Duty Connectors for harsh environments.  Beside the well-known standard connectors (6 – 24 pins), the product range also offers product series featuring a high number of pins (up to 216) and high current connectors of up to 500 A. The housings are made from aluminium die-cast or thermoplastic with a degree of protection IP 65 – 69k. EMI-shielded and corrosion-protected variants are completing the product range.

SIBAS connector is in conformance with the standard DIN VDE 0627, VDE 0110 and standards DIN EN 175 301-801. The connectors are approved by UL, CE, CSA and China compulsory certification.

Sibas Heavy Duty Connector Model

HE, HEE, HEEE  series Sibas Heavy Duty Connector

Tech data:

  • poles: 6 poles, 10 poles, 16 poles,  24 poles, 32 poles, 48 poles
  • working current: 16 A
  • working voltage: 400/500 V
  • IP degree: Ip 65
  • Approval: UL, CE, CCC

HA series Heavy Duty Connector

Tech data:

  • Poles: 10 poles, 16poles, 32poles.
  • Working current: 16A
  • Working voltage: 250V
  • IP degree: Ip65

HSB High Current sibas Connectors

  • Working current: 35A
  • Working voltage: 500V
  • Poles: 6 poles, 12poles

HD, HDD series Sibas Heavy Duty Connector

HQ series Sibas Heavy Duty Connector

HSB series Sibas Heavy Duty Connector

HK series Sibas Heavy Duty Connector

Hood and Housing

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