Vortex Flow Meter

Vortex flow meter with temperature and pressure compensation

Vortex flow meters, also know as vortex shedding flow meters or oscillatory flow meters, measure the vibrations of the down stream vortexes caused by a barrier in the moving stream.

Vortex flow meters are an excellent choice for process plants and refineries measuring gases. With no moving parts and little or no maintenance required, the vortex flow meter is also an excellent choice for companies working with water supply, quality or treatment equipment.

Vortex flow meters is using Karman Vortex Principle to measure. in the measuring tube vertically into a cylindrical object. When fluid through the pillar under certain conditions, on both sides of the column will alternately produce a regular two whirlpool, as sown below, these two column is called Karman Vortex Whirlpool.

Vortex flow meter-2

When d/D=0.281. Whirlpool of the most stable release. Karman Vortex street release frequency and velocity of the pillar of the width of the relationship can simply be represented by following formula :

F = St x V/d

F : Karman Vortex shedding frequaency

St  : Coefficient

V : Flow  Velocity

d : Pillar width

D : Meter inner

Vortex karman law

Vortex Flow Meters give accurate and repeatable measurement in steam, gases and liquids. The full line of Vortex Flow Meters are designed to withstand the harsh environment both inside and outside the pipe, making the “Next Generation Vortex Flow Meters” a completely maintenance free design.

WVF310 Vortex Flow Meters Application

Aplication vortex-1

WVF310 series Integrated vortex flow meter for any liquid (water, oil, and alcohol), gas (air, oxygen, nitrogen, nature gas) and steam. It has been a economical and reliable (no moving parts) way to measure.

WVF310 Integrated vortex flow meter is especially used in measure steam. Its flow range is from 0.8 m3/h to 72000m3/h and pressure is below 2.5 Mpa, so the export the 4 to 20mA for normal.

Integrated vortex flow meter with temperature and pressure compensation
DSP frequency spectrum analysis and self-adaptive filtering techniques
with vibration measuring sensor
flow Accuracy : ±0.75%
fluid temperature: ≤280 ℃
velocity for gas and steam : 2.5m/s to 85m/s
velocity for liquid : 0.2m/s to 7.3m/s
size  : 1/2 inch to 12 inch
pressure rating : PN1.6 to PN6.3 MPa,Class150/300,JIS10k/20k
flange  standard : ANSI , DIN ,JIS
body material : sus304 or 316L stainless steel
probe material : 316L stainless steel
power supply :24VDC or 110VAC or 220VAC
output  signal: 4-20mA ,pulse
alarm signal : high and low alarm output
communication  : Hart or RS485( modbus )
display : LCD , 4-line, flow rate and total flow and temperature and pressure and density
unit: m3, Nm3,liter, gallon, ton(t) ,kg
with ten point nonlinear correction
pressure sensor can change on line
fluid: liquid ,gas and steam