Connector Harting

HARTING industrial connectors are suited for the hardest requirements in industrial environmenont. They are used in all applicatis requiring a safe, removable electrical connection. The field of application for HARTING connectors is in protected electrical areas,  for example in control cabinets to outdoor applications under the harshest environmental conditions. Harting connector, Rectangular Connector, CONNECTOR HAN A, CONNECTOR HAN B, CONNECTOR HAN C, HAN CONNECTOR, HARAX CONNECTOR
1. Han A®
Connectors with a working current up to 16 ampere or 400 volt
2. Han D® / Han DD®
High pin count connectors up to 216 contacts.
3. Han E® / Han® ES / ESS / EE
Connectors for 16 Amperes – proven and reliable
4. Han Hv E® / Han® HvES
Connectors for higher voltages
5. Han-Com®
Combination connectors
6. Han-Modular®
7. Han® HsB
Connectors up to 35 ampere
8. Han D® AV / Han E® AV / Han® ES AV
terminal block connectors a combination of connector and terminal block.
9. Staf®
Connectors for low voltages
10. R 15
Circular connectors
11. Han® R 23
Circular connectors ideal in measurement and automatic control systems as well as for field bus systems
12. Han-Snap®
Connectors for the use in switch cabinets
13. Han® -Port
Interface for power and signals
14. Han® Q
Connectors not only for Drives
15. Han® K 3/ 0, K 3/ 2 / Han® HC Modular
High Current Connectors
16. Energy Bus Components
Power Distribution
17. Han-Brid®
Industrial Bus Interface
18. Han® PCB adapter
Cable to board connection
19. Han® Thermocouple
Connector for temperature measurement conductors
20. HARAX®
Circular Connectors
21. Han® PushPull
Compatible Connector for all Interfaces .