In line Ultrasonic Flow Meters Sitelab SL3488

SL3488 in line ultrasonic flow meter is easy and convenient to install. When the measured pipe size is consistent with the spool piece size, you can select a proper measurement site and install the meter which is ready to use. Technical Specifications :
Accuracy : ±0.5% of reading
Repeatability : 0.15%
Velocity range :0.005~7m/s
Pipe size : DN8-DN250
Ambient temp. rating : -10 oC~60 oC(-10~140F)
Serial interface : RS232(standard)
Pulse outpu t: 0~10 kHz
Protection rating: IP 66 (Optional ExProof. )
Enclosure: PC Plastic
Tranducer ( Carbon steel spool piece In line Installation Flange to Flange)
Pipe size : DN8~DN250 (3/8”~10”)
Flow tube (spool) materials : Carbon steel+, ( Optional Stainless steel )
Corrosion -resistant coating (NON-TOXIC)
Press rating ; PN 1.6 MPa(232 psig)
Protection rating : IP68
Temperature range : -40oC~80oC (-40~176 oF)
Flanges type : DIN or ANSI 150#, PN16

Measurement Site Selection
When selecting a measurement site, it is important to select an area where the fluid flow profile is fully developed to guarantee a highly accurate measurement. Use the following  guidelines to select a proper measurement installation site :
Choose a sect ion of pipe, which is always full of liquid, such as a vertical pipe with flow in the upward direction or a full  horizontal pipe.
Generally,  it requires at least 10 D (pipe diameters) upstream & 5D (pipe diameters) downstream. If there is a pump, a tee section, control valve, orifice, expansion joint or other element which could cause flow disturbances, the upstream straight pipe required will  be greater than 10D
Ensure that the pipe surf ace temperature at the measuring point is within the transducer temperature limits.

Spool Piece Transducer Installation Methods 

Install the Ultrasonic Transducer flow meter on horizontal and vertical pipes
Note : Make sure the pipe is full of liquid
Install the Ultrasonic Transducer f low meter after elbows, valves and pumps
Note : Ensure the pipe on both sides of the flow meter is  straight.
Install the Ultrasonic Transducer flow meter in a pipe that discharges to atmosphere
Note : Transducers should not be installed on a pipe that discharges to atmosphere  unless it is far enough upstream to be sure the pipe is full at the point of installation
For a partially filled pipe section, ensure the pipe section being measured is full of liquid
Note : The ultrasonic flow meter should be installed in a pipeline that is full of fluid. If the pipe is not full or there is only  one free horizontal  pipe (discharge), connect the transducer in  the lower part of the pipe.
Avoid installing the ultrasonic flow meter at the upper part of a pipe sect ion like the above
Note: Air pockets or air locks can collect in this type of  pipe sections.