WUF-100E Economic Ultrasonic Flow Meters

WUF-100E Economic Ultrasonic Flow Meters


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WUF-100E ultrasonic flowmeter/heat meter:it make the mainboard of  TDS12 or TDS18 connect to a 20 lines 4 keys parallel port keyboard monitor, then encapsulate them in a sealed enclosure, realize on-line display and operation on spot.it solved the problem that owing to the reason of people that make the measured pipe parameters inaccuracy, caused errors that lowered the measurement accuracy during the period of installing the clamp-on type and insertion type transducers. it has the advantages of high accuracy, wide measurement range, no pressure lost, easy installation,no need to set parameter, etc. it is the future for the flow meter and heat meter.


The WUF-100E is a compact, high performance general purpose ultrasonic flow meter module. The design of the meter is intended to provide for users like system integrators and OEM users with a lowest cost but of high performance flow meter. The development of the meter is based on a widely used flow meter made by this company. The meter uses only one high performance MSP430 series microprocessor made by Taxes Instruments.

This module can work alone without a LCD and Keypad module. The parameters that the flow meter needed to work properly can be (1) setup by a parallel keypad module witch will be plugged onto the parallel interface inside of the module, or by a serial keypad module witch will be plugged onto the RS232C or RS485 port of the meter. (2) downloaded by use of a PC computer based software (the software is under development now).  The transducers can be one the all kinds of the types made by this company, include the clamp-on type, the insertion type, the PI- type and standard-pipe type. It can even use transducers by the users or the transducers made by other company.

The module will satisfy the measurement requirement for most kind of liquids, such as water, sea water, sew water and chemistry liquids. It can even measure pure paper pulp or fluids with higher density suspend particles. The module can be used alone as a flow meter. Users can even integrate a number of the modules into a multi-channel flow meter that can measures up to several dozen of different pipes or a flow meter that has higher accuracy by measures the same pipe with all the channels.  The low flow performance of this module is better compared with our previous flow meters. It can measures a flow that is as low as 0.001m/S properly when the PI-transducers are used.