Battery Toshiba ER17500

Battery Toshiba ER.17500
3,6volt.made in Japan

Model: ER17500V <With Black Plug>
Voltage: 3.6 V
Size: 17 * 53 mm
Capacity: 2700mah
maximum discharge: 3.5 ma
Battery weight: 20g
Rated voltage: 3.67 V
As the voltage: 2.0 V.
Scope of application:
Real time clock, alarm system, the PLC memory backup power supply, FANUC FANUC nc system, servo motor, machine tool equipment, all kinds of measuring instrument, special electronic equipment, etc
Product advantage:
Lithium – thionyl chloride battery is actually use the highest energy in the battery (500 500 wh/kg and wh/dm3)
1, normal temperature medium current density of discharge, the discharge curve is very flat.90% of the capacity within the scope of work platform remains the same;
2, the battery can be in to 40 ° C to + 85 ° C within the scope of work.To 40 ° C has a capacity of about 50% of the normal capacity, when the show is extremely excellent high and low temperature performance;
3, year self-discharge rate < = 1%;The storage life of more than 10 years