BKG4 Elster

Gas Meter Elster

Gas Meter Elster

Type : BKG4

The BK-G4 is a synthetic diaphragm meter with an injection-molded aluminum body and is designed for a maximum flow of 200 cfh at 0.25 psig of flow and an operating pressure of 5 psig.


● Compact design

● Low noise level

● Tamper resistant

● High accuracy and long term reliability

● Synthetic, stadium shaped diaphragm

● Mounting device to strap the meter to the facility

● Anti-return valve which impedes gas theft Specifications:

● Nominal cyclical volume of 0.04 ft3

● Pulse output – 1 ft3/pulse

● Working Temperature: -40 F to 1400 F

● Flows from 1.4 ft3/h to 200 ft3/h

● Maximum operating pressure 5 psig