Safety Plug Connector SPT-11

Safety Plug

Connector daiwa dengyo SPT-11

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Interlock Plug Daiwa dengyo is to open the electrical circuit by, and to prevent accidents caused item is inadvertently injected into the power equipment and machinery. Daiwa dengyo safty plug is easy operation and reliable enough to disconnect .
It is also possible to stop the machine instantly to unplug the event of an emergency.

Connector Daewa Dengyo SPT-11

* Products are available to plug if you need a longer set point.
* The adopted O-ring inside the plug during mating to prevent dust and other foreign invaders.
* With connector cable is for. ( ¦ 5 cable diameter ~ Æ 8.3)
* Equipped to handle wire SPT-11DL-W is also available.

Model of safty plug daiwa dengyo :
SPT Series : SPT-11, SPT-11-UL, CSA SPT-11, SPT-11-UL, SPT-11-H, SPT-11Dl, Sptl-11, SPT-3CD, SPT-22, SPT-22-UL,
SPT-22-G, UL SPT-22-G

NSP Series : NSP-11, NSP-11-UL, NSP-11-CSA, NSP-4,

Small type : Sprs-11G, -22A or B SPS, SPS-24A or B

Special Purpose Plug : RSPT-11M, RSPT-22-G, SPT-11Gmy