Water Meter TDS100W

TDS-100W Series is an ultrasonic flow meter designed to address shortcomings of the existing fluid flow meters. It adopts the same standard as the existing pipes, so it can be applied and installed for a wide range of DN15~DN1000m/m pipes. The battery type is designed to measure flow rates for 6 to
10 years without power connection, and users can also select the 4~20mA * 2wire type, which requires electric current output.
Combines merits of the existing volumetric type, variable area, turbine, parasitic and electronic flow meters, and provides the output of RS-232, RS-485 and 4~20mA electric currents as basics, with M-BUS, GPRS and CDMA communications available as options.

Feature :
● Can select measurement accuracy : ±1%, ±2%, ±3%
● Can select the 4~20mA * 2wire type and the battery type.
● Measurement of low flow rates and minimum flow velocity of 0.01m/s
● No pressure loss and a zero fault rate with no running parts
● High-efficient battery used up to 6 to 10 years
● IP68-rated protection, and used 2 meter deep water.
● High-temperature erosion-resistant ceramic sensors, and operating temperature ranging from -40 to 60℃
● Can select the vertical or horizontal view and the remote type.
● Displays circulation such as forward(and reverse) -direction