Gast Air Motor 6AM

6AM Gast Air motor

Lubricated Air Motors come in seven basic models up to 9.5 HP (7,1 kW); motor speeds are variable from 300 to 10,000 RPM. Choose from hub, foot, face, NEMA C-Flange, or Metric D Series interface mountings and clockwise, counter-clockwise, or reversible rotations; four and eight vane models are also available.

Mixing Equipment
Conveyor Drives
Pump Drives
Food Packaging
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Hoists and Winches
Hose Reels
Fiberglass Choppers
Tension Devices
Performance Summary
Max Torque 115 lb/in (13 Nm)
Max Speed 3000 rpm
Torque @ Max Speed 84 lb/in (10 Nm)
Speed @ Max Torque 300 rpm
Output Power 4 hp (3 kW)
Max Air Consumption 128 cfm (228 m3/h)

Model Number Motor Repair Kit

6AM-ARV-54  K281A
6AM-ARV-55  K281B
6AM-FRV-23A  K281
6AM-FRV-5A  K208
6AM-NRV-11A  K208
6AM-NRV-22A  K281
6AM-NRV-7A  K208