Flomasoic WUF-100IC Ultrasonic Flow Meters

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Integral Ultrasonic Flow Meter

WUF-100IC ultrasonic flow meter /heat meter:, it make the main board of TDS12 or TDS18 connect to a 20 lines 4 keys parallel port keyboard monitor, then encapsulate them in a sealed enclosure, realize on-line display and operation on spot.

It solved the problem that owing to the reason of people that make the measured pipe parameters inaccuracy, caused errors that lowered the measurement accuracy during the period of installing the clamp-on type and insertion type transducers .it has the advantages of high accuracy, wide measurement range, no pressure lost, easy installation, no need to set parameter, etc. It is the future for the flow meter and heat meter.

Technology features :

  1. Operating power :AC 85—264V or isolation DC 24V
  2. Current : 50 mA (under the condition of connection without keyboard display and sound of buzzer)
  3. Output optional :
    1. One channel standard isolation RS485 output,
    2. One channel isolation 4-20mA or 0-20mA passive output.
    3. Two channel OCT output (programmed between the pulse width (6-1000 ms),default before leaving factory (200 ms))
  4. Input optional : two channel three wire system PT100 platinum resistor input loop,to make heat meter has the function of displaying heat quantity.
  5. Display : 2*10 back light LCD(Chinese and English optional)
  6. Operating : magnetic 4 keypads to operate
  7. Other functions :
    1. Automatic memory the positive, negative, net totaliser or flow rate and heat quantity of  the last 512 days, 128 months, 10 years
    2. Automatic memory the time of power turning on and off and flow rate of the last 30 times, realize to compensate by hand or automatically read the datas through Modbus communication protocol.
  8. Protection level : IP68

Optional accessory :

  1. PT100 three wire platinum resistor( a pair,used for heat meter)
  2. Ultrasonic thickness gauge: (measure the thickness of pipe,reduce error,increase accuracy)

Main board wiring : 

Flange mechanism size and pipe parameter.