Level sensor

Level Sensor

LEVEL SENSOR MODEL : – DQ-4F Feature : For controlling motors and alarming to controL. Easy to install and is generally used.Widely used to waste water tank & sewage disposal tank. ï ¿ ½ ï ¿ ½ ï ¿ ½ Suitable for high viscosity liquid. ï ¿ ½ ï ¿ ½ ï ¿ ½ Strong against corrosion. Principle : It […]

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Float Level Switch

Float Level Switch  Float Level Regulator MAC3 Italy Benefits: has a high breaking capacity, with micro-20A. Dual operation for filling and emptying. Microswitch electrical features : 16(4)A 250V ~ 20(8)A 250 V~ 20(8)A 250 V~ 10(6)A 400 V~ (multitensione) Application: The most popular onboard drainage pumps. The most widely used by manufacturers of electric pumps that mount directly to the factory […]

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Open Channel flow meter

An Open Channel Flow Meter manufactured Honda electronic Japan  is an all-in-one solution for any open channel flow or liquid tank level application. The TS40-5 Transducer  can be used as a stand alone sensor or paired with the HD1200 Transmitter for a metering system with unparalleled specifications. As a stand alone level sensor the HD1200  meter has a 30 cm to […]

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Mini Level Switch Finetek

Specification  Mini Level Switch  Compact simple design and principle, high reliability, low price.  Over 30 kinds of materials & specifications are optional.  PP, PVDF, NYLON, POLYSULFONE materials are suitable for corrosive environment.  SUS304 / 316; Max. operating temperature 200ï ¿ ½ C; Max. operating pressure 60kg/ cmï ¿ ½ .  Side-Mounting, Top-Mounting, Bottom-Mounting.  Mounting screw type have M8 ~ M16, […]

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