Xonic 10L flow meter

Xonic 100L Clamp On Flow Meter

Xonic 100L Clamp On Ultrasonic flow meter Very simple installation and easy  maintenance  flow meters for water, waste water, oil, chemical plants. This flow meter use DSP (digital signal processing) technologies and performance is equal to magnetic flow meters.   Clamp-On Transducers   Transit-Time, AR Mode (patented)   Accuracy 1.0%   DSP Technologies   First in Korea   No Cutting pipes   Xonic 100L measure transit-time […]

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Water Meter TDS100W

TDS-100W Series is an ultrasonic flow meter designed to address shortcomings of the existing fluid flow meters. It adopts the same standard as the existing pipes, so it can be applied and installed for a wide range of DN15~DN1000m/m pipes. The battery type is designed to measure flow rates for 6 to 10 years without power connection, and users can […]

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Portable Ultrasonic Flow meter Sl1168P

Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow Meters  Portable Ultrasonic flow meter sitelab 1168  devote to make the liquid resource effective use, provide energy saving and emission reduction, reduce liquid resource loss. To measure accurately and coming up with the overall plan to promote the liquid resource use effectively. SiteLab ultrasonic flow meters products are application to irrigation, water supply, industrial water, electric […]

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Inline flow meter

Inline Ultrasonic Flowmeter

description : 1: operating power :AC 85—264V or isolation DC 24V 2: current: 50mA(under the condition of connection without keyboard display and sound of buzzer) 3:output optional: one channel standard isolation RS485 output               One channel isolation 4-20mA or 0-20mA passive output.               Two channel OCT output(programmed between […]

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TX Seametrics

Description : – Low-flow performance and accuracy superior to any mechanical flow sensor –  No moving parts to wear out – Dedicated fittings for simplicity – Retainer clip automatically sets correct depth – Meter extends only about 1/8 of pipe diameter, minimizing potential for clogging with debris – Simple pulse train output can be used with any SeaMetrics signal processing […]

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Paddle Wheels flow meter Seametrics

The IP100/200-Series are adjustable depth insertion paddle wheels that come in brass, PVC, or 316 stainless models to fit 3” to 40” pipe. Adapters mate with standard 1-1/2” (11x/21x) or 2” (15x/25x), or PVC (11x/21x) NPT threaded fi ttings such as saddles and weldolets which may be purchased either locally or from Seametrics. Ruby bearings and a non-drag Hall-effect sensor […]

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Ultrasonic flow meter

Seametrics Portable Ultrasonic

Portable Ulrasonic Flow Meter Ultrasonic Flow Meter jWAVE Now you can capture accurate and reliable flow readings with your mobile device, with less hassle and in less time—wherever you need a flow or volume measurement. No wires. No bulky electronics box to lug around. Your ultrasonic sensor hardware installs on the outside of your pipe in a snap—and senses through […]

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wmx ip68

Magnetic Flowmeter

Magnetic Flow Meter Flow meter electromagnetic Electromagnetic Flowmeter merupakan jenis flow meter yang mempunyai populasi tertinggi untuk Flowmeter yang digunakan mengukur aliran fluid baik berupa air atau cairan lainnya baik aliran yang corosive, kotor dan lumpur. Karena pemakiannya yang cukup banyak sebagian besar para produsen flow meter mempunyai produk jenis electromagnetic flow meter.  Electromagnetic Flowmeter yang paling banyak digunakan dalam aplikasi pengukuran aliran air dan limbah dan chemical. Sebagaian […]

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Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter Series EX-80

EX80-Series insertion electromagnetic flow meters are designed for use with conductive liquids in 1 to 12” pipe. A choice of materials (stainless steel, brass, and PVC) allows the meter to adapt to a range of temperature, pressure, and corrosive environments. The EX80 Insert flow meter is highly suitable for difficult applications with changing viscosities and pulsating flows, such as air-driven diaphragm pumps. With no moving par ts, these […]

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