Flowmasonic Portable Flowmeter WUF100J

The WUF-100J ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid within a closed conduit. The transducers are a non-contacting, clamp-on type, which will provide benefits of non-fouling operation and easy installation. WUF-100J Ultrasonic flow meter can be virtually applied to a wide range of measurement. A variety of liquid applications can be accommodated: ultra-pure liquids, portable water, chemicals , […]

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Xonic 10L flow meter

Xonic 100L Clamp On Flow Meter

Xonic 100L Clamp On Ultrasonic flow meter Very simple installation and easy  maintenance  flow meters for water, waste water, oil, chemical plants. This flow meter use DSP (digital signal processing) technologies and performance is equal to magnetic flow meters.   Clamp-On Transducers   Transit-Time, AR Mode (patented)   Accuracy 1.0%   DSP Technologies   First in Korea   No Cutting pipes   Xonic 100L measure transit-time […]

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Portable Ultrasonic Flow meter Sl1168P

Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow Meters  Portable Ultrasonic flow meter sitelab 1168  devote to make the liquid resource effective use, provide energy saving and emission reduction, reduce liquid resource loss. To measure accurately and coming up with the overall plan to promote the liquid resource use effectively. SiteLab ultrasonic flow meters products are application to irrigation, water supply, industrial water, electric […]

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flow meter

Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter SL1188

SL1188 Ultrasonic flow meter Clamp On Installation Flow Meters   The SiteLab SL1188 Flow meters is a state-of-the-art universal transit-time FlowMeter for Heavy Industrial applications. Sophisticated electronics incorporating the latest developments in digital signal processing coupled with powerful ultrasonic transducers deliver highly accurate flow measurement for liquids in full pipes. While principally designed for clean liquid applications, the instrument is […]

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Ultrasonic flow meter

Seametrics Portable Ultrasonic

Portable Ulrasonic Flow Meter Ultrasonic Flow Meter jWAVE Now you can capture accurate and reliable flow readings with your mobile device, with less hassle and in less time—wherever you need a flow or volume measurement. No wires. No bulky electronics box to lug around. Your ultrasonic sensor hardware installs on the outside of your pipe in a snap—and senses through […]

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Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Portable ultrasonic flow meter is a type of flow meter that measures the velocity of a fluid with ultrasound to calculate volume flow. Using ultrasonic transducers, An Ultrasonic flow meter can measure the average velocity along the path of an emitted beam of ultrasound, by averaging the difference in measured transit time between the pulses of ultrasound propagating into and […]

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Portable Flow meter

Portable Flow Meters Ultrasonic flow meter Clamp on flow meter Description Model SL1188P is a Portable Ultrasonic flow Meter. It  collects Flow Data via a TPC (Tablet PC), and uses “UFM” software to download the Flow Data.  The SL1188P Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter consists of flow sensors  (ultrasonic), a flow transmitter and a  Tablet Personal Computer  (TPC).  The Model SL1188P Portable Ultrasonic Flow-meter is  the only flowmeter  for  which operation is  a  specialty between […]

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Water Flowmeter

Water Flow Meter Water flow meter atau liquid flow meter atau Flow meter air ada beberapa type yang bisa digunakan disesuaikan dengan jenis fluid yang mengalir dan fungsi flow meter air sendiri. Yang dimaksud dengan flow  meter air atau water flow meter atau water meter adalah jenis liquid yang mana basenya adalah water. Pada dunia industri manufacture, oil and gas, pertambangan, perhotelan, rumah sakit dan lainnya water flow meter atau flow meter air atau liquid flow meter […]

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Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The SiteLab SL1188P portable ultrasonic flowmeter is supplied in a handy and lightweight carry case with the flowmeter, sensors, PDA, battery charger and all standard accessories. The flowmeter itself is supplied in a separate leather carry case with a shoulder strap for ease of use. Measurement is unaffected by the fluid viscosity or conductivity, and since it is a clamp-on […]

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Transit time Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Saat ini Ultrasonic Flow meter banyak dikenal dan digunakan di dunia indusri karena sangat efektif serta bisa menurunkan biaya operasional dengan mengurangi down time equipment dan juga menurunkan biaya installasi. Karakteristik ultrasonic flow meter dengan sistem Installasi clamp on tidak mengganggu alur produksi karena saat installasi tidak diperlukan penghentian produksi. Ultrasonic flow meter adalah flow meter yang dalam pengukurannya berdasarkan pada velocity dari […]

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